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Bdellium helps financial service providers
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Serving The Retirement Industry

Pension Risk Behavior IndexSM


“Bdellium has been a key partner in helping us create MetLife’s Pension Risk Behavior Index, a study of risk management attitudes and aptitude among plan sponsors.

We selected the firm for its demonstrated sophisticated and original approach to complex issues, which is strengthened by the intellectual rigor, thoughtful analysis and unwavering commitment it brings to each project”

cynthiaCynthia A.Mallett
Vice President,
Product & Market Strategies,
Corporate Benefit Funding, MetLife

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Plan Design Optimization ReportTM

The Plan Design Optimization Report (PDOR) service enables plan advisors to find a set of plan provisions that, for an amount the employer can afford, gives employees the best chance of retiring comfortably.

The service also enables plan record keepers and third party administrators to leverage their existing data and reporting systems to support plan sponsors and advisors who are working to improve participant retirement outcomes.

“The best investment
I ever made for my associates.”

Chairman & CEO
First Plan Sponsor to use PDOR Service

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QDIA Blue BookTM Service

The QDIA BLUE BOOK fund evaluation service enables an advisor to identify the most suitable target date, balanced or custom default investment solution for any plan, taking account of that plan’s particular policies, priorities and participant demographics.

The service also enables target date fund and other QDIA providers to identify the retirement plans for which their solution is the most suitable and to better understand their competitive strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace.

“We firmly believe … the analysis you are working on is critical to the market’s evolution and that you are at the forefront.”

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Sharing Knowledge and Experience

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